My name is "Aakhyan" and first of all I THANK YOU for visiting my world. I am so so excited to tell you all about me.

My Geeky Mumma & Lovely Dadoo told me that I am too small for maintaining my website, so ...I HIRED them. Whatever you read here is voiced by me and uploaded by my EMPLOYEES. Meantime I am Growing & Learning each day - You know It's a very very very long process so that i can handle all this by myself.

I am a curious BEE (you can imagine me as Little Scientist with a magnifying glass). Always want to know how things work. My mom helps me to find all the answers. A big thanks to her knowledge and INTERNET(she says i keep her tooooo tooooo busy. I don't know why she says that).


I have a secret to share.....SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Do you know what was my first chat with Papa? I knew you would say NO you go!!

"vgg ns  bhh bvhg yg  j   gtfccvb ;[, n hbbhvb     mvgf  v,v  n m,jm mmmn "

Welcome again and keep visiting for updates..... 


Hi...I am Aakhyan. Welcome to My website!!