My Mumma Papa say 20th May is lucky day for them ...... any guesses ? Because .......

I was born on this day. I just turned 8. Hip Hip Hurray !!
We stay in Toronto, CA. So my birthday is mostly a holiday here because of Victoria day :).


Let me tell you six Crucial things about me :
        1 - I am Smart.

        2 - I am Awesome
        3 - I am Cute.

        4 - I am Super Talented.
        5 - I am Handsome.
        6 - I am Adorable.






































I love HOT Wheels, LEGO, KNEX, Wii U, KANO and my new Lego Boost. I am NOT very good at drawing and painting. Mumma says that's ok, i don't need to be good in everything in the world. But, mind it... i am unstoppable in singing, dancing, jumping, running, building, chugging and car racing. 


My favourite songs are: "It's a small world after all" , "The Lion roars tonight" & "Once i was 7 yrs old".














When I grow up I want to be a ............... Police Officer !!! (It was Fire Fighter 2 years back).

Hmmmmm.....ok ok...I am confused between Police Man & Fire Fighter. I will decide it later.



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          We went to Disney with Mamu and Mami. I loved all the disney rides, but specially the Tower Of Terror. I was so so so scared. But next time I can do it without getting scared (I am sure).
          We went to New York with my Dad's friend. When I came back from New York, i used to pose as statue for liberty all the time.





Since I am being homeschooled, I get a lot of time to play. My mumma tells me that she is proud of me in all the things that I do. I feel I am a real lucky kid that I get homeschooled.
In the morning...I play. Then I study, then I play, and again I study and again I play and watch and then .........I study, I play, I study, I play. Phew !!! Day done !!
See I was right!!

My favourite part of homeschooling is doing experiments. All sorts of Chemistry/Physics experiments. These days we are working with Thames and Kosmos Physics pro kit. I cann't do it without my Mumma. it's too too difficult for me. My Mumma buys a lot of educational toys for me.