My Mumma Papa say 20th May is lucky day for them ...... any guesses ? Because .. I was born on this day in 2011.
I was born at Max Hospital, Gurgaon (India). By the way now we moved to Toronto, CA.

I am full of new and creative ideas, that helps me in making new HOT Wheels tracks and LEGO and KNEX. I am NOT very good at drawing and painting. But, mind it... i am unstoppable in singing, dancing, jumping, running, chugging and car racing. 

My favourite songs are: "It's a small world after all" , "The Lion roars tonight" & "Once i was 7 yrs old".




Since i am being homeschooled, i get a lot of time to play play play.
In the morning...i watch and play. Then i study, then i play, and again i study and again i play and watch and then .........i study, i play, i study, i play. Phew !!! Day done !!
See i was right!!
My favourite part of homeschooling is doing experiments. All sorts of Science/Physics experiments.



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