Yippee....it's holiday season again. Favorite time of the year !!
Happy Holidays to you too !!


Let me tell you four Crucial things about me
        1 - I am Smart.
        2 - I am Cute.
        3 - I am Handsome.
        4 - I am Adorable.


My Activities:

       • My favorite vacations were WALT DISNEY WORLD, FLORIDA and STATUE OF LIBERTY, NEW YORK.
          We went to Disney with Mamu and Mami I loved all the disney rides, but specially the Tower Of Terror. I was so so so sa. red. But next i can do it without getting scared (I think).
          We went to New York with my Dad's friend. When i came back from New York, i used to pose as statue for liberty all the time.


       • Nowadays I am enjoying my Indoor Soccer classes. I love it. My coach loves me because he likes when i talk to him. I am the smallest in the lot. I am working very hard to catch up with the BIG kids.

       • I practise piano at home(every Monday & Thursday). I joined Piano classes earlier but I was the youngest(again) in the crew and the teacher was going toooooooooo fast for me. My mumma says...HAKUNA MATATA(means no worries)...mumma teaches me at home now.


       • You must be wondering by now, that do i know swimming ? Ahaa!! I am Learning Swimming. I am always excited for the swimming class on Saturday mornings. I think the water is little freezing for me. When i am out of water, i am really shivering.

       • I love telling jokes. I tell the funniest jokes ever, BUT nobody laughs, they just smile and look at me. When i start laughing on my own jokes hysterically, they start laughing too. They need to have a good sense of Humor to understand you know !!.

       • I am trying to become a good cook too (To help my Mom in the Kitchen). We make bread Pizza, yogurt and fruits paste, scrambled egg sandwich and sometimes roti.

       • I can do most (i mean most) of the things on my own. Like taking bath(I don't like soap in my eyes, so i only put soap on my cheeks), brushing teeth(after brushing, there is always white thing left on my mouth. I don't know what it is, and where it comes from), wearing jackets & shoes. I am pretty good at them. 

       • Hey one more thing I am getting good in Hindi now. I can talk with Dadu, Dadi, Nanu & Nini in Hindi. Wish me luck.

       • I love playing with all my toys...OLD & NEW. I am really really good in playing BUT very bad in tidying up. Oh !! i just forgot to mention that i own more than 200 cars (not the real cars silly).