Where to start ..... Ahaa!!

•   I am Learning Swimming. I love it. My coach loves me because he likes when i talk to him. I am the smallest in the lot. I am working very hard to catch up with the BIG kids. Other than the classes I go with my family in our building swimming pool. My sister also likes splashing around with me (even though she is not even 2 yet).


•  I am Learning scratch programming with the help of my Mumma. I am done with Scratch junior now and working with Scratch for grown ups on my KANO. I do a lot more other stuff too on my KANO like python programming, learning circuits etc.

•  I practise piano at home(every Friday). I joined Piano classes earlier but I was the youngest(again) in the crew and the teacher was going toooooooooo fast for me. My mumma says...HAKUNA MATATA(means no worries)...mumma teaches me at home now. With my new Grand Piano, I am loving it. I don't like it when sometimes or you can say all the time she disturbs me while playing piano.

•   Last winter I joined some skating classes too. Well, after a lot of tumbling and hurting my bum, i finally learnt how to skate. This also helped me to learn Heelys and my rollers(Inline skating).

•  I love telling jokes. I can tell the funniest jokes ever, BUT nobody laughs, they just smile and look at me. When i start laughing on my own jokes hysterically, they start laughing too. They need to have a good sense of Humor to understand my jokes you know !!.


 •   I love playing with all my toys...OLD & NEW. I am really really good in playing BUT very bad in tidying up. Oh !! i just forgot to mention that i own more than 200 cars (not the real cars silly). When i started with LEGO, I only use to make 2D shapes with some wheels around and my parents really not use to like it. But now I am a Pro. i can build really cool stuffs on my own. It's real fun with my LEGO BOOST too.


 •   I am trying to become a good cook too (To help my Mom in the Kitchen). We make bread Pizza, yogurt and fruits paste, scrambled egg sandwich , waffle and sometimes roti.


 •   I own a Wii U, my sister and I play games on it. I have MarioKart, Lego city, Wooly's World, Just Dance, Minecraft , Super Mario odessey. I love Lego city the most and then is Minecraft.


•   Hey one more thing I am getting good in Hindi now. That helps me to talk with Dadu, Dadi, Nanu & Nini in Hindi. Writing hindi is way out there still. Wish me luck.