Neelam..My Mom. Best part I like in her is that she is my teacher too.
My Mom feels happy when I complete my homework and do naughty things.
My Favorite thing which I do with mom is doing Science Experiments. I/We loooove it.
My Mom loves me because... "what I am". She calls me little Krishna.
Yes one more thing before I conclude, She daily reads many bed time stories for me before I go to sleep .

Love you Mom... :)

Let me introduce my best friend....Everyone calls him Anand. I call him Papa.
He is my team mate in all the games. We play jumping game, soccer, Car race, Chess, pirates, monopoly, blokus, Uno moo, puzzles and many many more ....
I love to climb on his back and jump along with him on Bed.
He can do anything for me.....Love you Papa.

You are "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".

My Dadu is 66 years old. He goes for walk every morning. He loves to read books.
I love to go for Bike ride with my Dadu. Every day he worships bhagwaanji very sincerely. He loves me deeply. I also love and respect him.
I have a sweet, loving Dadi. She is around 61 years old. Yet, she is very active. My Dadi cares for everybody. She knows many fairy tales. I love her very much.



My Mom & Dad are AWESOME. They unconditionally love me.

They are the moon in my night sky.

Nanu & Nini :)
I can proudly say that both are very hard working.
Nanu cares alot about me. Whenever I visit him during my India trip he plays alot of games with me. He makes all my mumma's favourite food too.
He is my toy fixer. Whenever something happens to my toys, i always miss him.
Love you Nanu & Nini.




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My grandparents(Dadu ,Dadi, Nanu & Nani) are the BEST. They stay in INDIA.

I know enough Hindi now that we can talk comfortably.